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D.I. GROW is one the World’s finest quality foliar fertilizer, manufactured by Dynapharm Associate, a member of Dynapharm companies, Malasyia. The Company supplies foliar fertilizers primarily for use in the production of fruits, vegetables, cereals, oil crops, seedling’s root tubes and other horticultural crops. All fertilizers produced by the Company are professionally formulated to provide solutions for growth problems caused by lack of nutrients, high or low pH, poor soil structure, water retention capacity among other factors. The fertilizers are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, compatible and mixable with fungicides and pesticides.

What is DI Grow?

D.I. Grow is a foliar fertilizer made with the ACADIAN SEAWEED (Ascophyllum nodosum) & created using the US Formula. D.I. Grow is a Comprehensive Fertilizer – allows plants to easily absorb all essential nutrients (Macro & Micro) Growth Stimulant – enhances vegetative growth; stimulates blooming and fruiting. A Soil Conditioner (amends the soil) – gradually corrects the soil’s deficiencies. Safe & effective – Purely organic and non-toxic (not poisonous).

Chemical Composition

  • Nutrients Complete and well balanced minerals: N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphorus), K (Potassium), Ca (Calcium), Mg (Magnesium), S (Sulphur), Fe (Iron), Zn (Zinc), Cu (Copper), Mo (Molybdenum), Mn (Manganese), B (Boron)
  • D.I. Grow contains Auxins, Gibberellins & Cytokinins. What are plant hormones? These are also called phytohormones. They are chemicals that regulate plant growth. They carry out activities in target cells. Plant hormones shape the plants by affecting: seed growth, Time of flowering, Aging of flowers and fruits, Plant aging Cell division, Cell elongation

Advantages of DI Grow

  • Natural Growth
  • Organic & non poisonous/non toxic & very effective.
  • Compatible and mixable with pesticides or fungicides. Contains complete & well balanced plant nutrients, humic acid & growth hormones
  • Elements are in form of ions & therefore can be easily absorbed. Suitable for all kind of plants
  • A soil conditioner/amendment.
  • Can be given to Animals (Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Pigs), Poultry (Hens, duck, quail) & fish Has four methods of application; Spraying, Injection, Tugal & Infusion. Passed the quality & effectivity test. Its usage is practical & economical.
  • Produce by own factory at international scale in Malaysia. Guaranteed for quality at reasonable price.

Advantages over others

  • No bad smell
  • Uses Acadian Seaweed extract.
  • Environmental friendly
  • Contains both macro and micro-nutrients
  • Gradually improves soil
  • Contains plant growth hormones
  • Suitable for all plants
  • Supports long term production

Benefits of D.I. Grow to Plants

  • Stimulates & enhances growth of leaves, stems & roots. Restores unhealthy plants back to health.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption by plant roots. Increases rate of photosynthesis & enhances metabolism.
  • Enhances Seed germination Hastens growth & maturity of plants.
  • Boosts plant immunity & resistance to diseases.
  • Strengthens plant roots & prevents them from rotting/decaying.
  • Promotes chlorophyll formation. Prevent premature dropping of leaves, buds, flowers and fruits.
  • Shortens the time at which harvesting begins
  • Reduces granule/soil fertilizer use by over 30%.
  • Increases shelf life/storage period of harvest.

Benefits of D.I. Grow to Animals, Poultry & Fish

  • Increase appetite
  • Boosts growth (enables faster growth)
  • Increases nutritional & biological value of feed.
  • Improves the quality & quantity of the product.
  • Boost the immunity towards diseases. Time efficiency.
  • Makes them energetic, lively and active.

DI Grow

D.I. Grow is a foliar fertilizer made with the ACADIAN SEAWEED (Ascophyllum nodosum) & created using the US Formula..

  • Category Agriculture
  • Type Organic Fertilizer
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