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CarXie is a mobile taxi company in Nigeria with operations in some states of the federation. It is one of the indigenous cab companies in the polity. CarXie has considered both the drivers and riders in her fare Billings. It operates on a standard of equity to both service providers (drivers and consumers/riders). As you are aware the tear and wear on vehicle in Nigeria is quite enormous, due to factors like poor road condition and unavailability or costly spare parts, with substitute for substandard or inferior parts replacement. The taxi mobility system in Nigeria works slightly different from those of our foreign counterparts because of the fact that nearly 80% of the vehicles that are available for taxi services are not driven by the owners, rather sublet to professional drivers. This chain results in the urge to push the usage of the car beyond limit to make ends meet. In other words, owner passes the car unto a driver, who must remit revenue daily, weekly or monthly. This is the common practicable system in Nigeria and puts the drivers under significant pressure to meet with the returns. With current mobile taxi pricing system in Nigeria, most drivers are finding it increasingly difficult to meet up with their remittances as at when due. Foreign cab companies have flooded the Nigeria market with services but yet has failed to put this uncommon factor into consideration. This is a big blow to most drivers and vehicle owners and commonly we find drivers who have resorted to different means to overcome this challenge, including utilization of manipulative app while on trip, theft of riders items and many other unprofessional conducts. The mobile taxi service providers prides herself on the utilization of vehicles that are comfortable and affordable. This is the aspect of the business that CarXie has come to create a balance both for drivers and riders. CarXie mobile app has been conditioned to look out for drivers and riders, importantly to look out for the owner of the vehicle to ensure that revenue generation is at the minimal ensures that the business of vehicle provision continues as a going concern through healthy revenue generation. CarXie is asking the Nigerian public to be aware that a ride on CarXie is a ride to ensure that most vehicle providers who are basically Nigerians - can enjoy a healthy return on investment Taken a ride on CarXie would ensure that drivers can make ends meet and remit revenues accordingly, keeping a workforce that is hovering over 50,000 Nigerians in business. Every CarXie ride taken is another avenue to stop capital flight from Nigeria. CarXie is a Nigerian company and revenue generated stays in the Nigerian economy. CarXie has thought about fair pricing and with this is offering riders the most affordable and considerate means of getting around to their various destinations. CarXie as a Nigerian brand is targeting to create over 36,000 jobs through her drivers and partnership portfolio. CarXie has created a partnership ownership structure for Nigerians to become part of the great innovation through her partnership programme. CarXie is inviting all Nigerians to through patronage, stop capital flight as been experienced by the action of the foreign cab companies, create additional jobs (36000 jobs plus), sustain businesses of the over hundred thousand Nigerian cab owners. Ensure that drivers continue to provide professional services and reducing crime and associated negative vices that comes from pressure on the drivers to meet with remittances as currently being experienced. CarXie is Secured, Safe and Affordable and is here to take you places to meet opportunities.

CarXie Logistics

Carxie is a taxi booking platform that fixes your trip by providing cabs at all places at all times. The Carxie app is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

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