Cucumber fruits are harvested before they are mature, which varies between 1 and 2 weeks depending on when they flower. The time of first harvest is around 40 to 60 days after they have been sowed. This again varies as per the climate, and can be done either every other day or after a gap of a few days.

Some seeds can produce 1tonne of cucumber per hectare each harvest; others can produce 500kg, 200kg, even as low as 50kg. And some can produce up to 2-3 tonnes under the same agricultural conditions.

Another role that a seed can play is in deciding how long you can harvest. Some 3-5 times, some 5-10times while a select few can go 15-20 times before they wither. (Other factors contribute to how long harvest lasts). As a guide, you can expect to pay around N20,000 a month per person.

For 1 hectare:

24,000 seeds for 1 hectare – 15plots (a plot – 1600 seeds)

Hybrid seed come in grams (5grams has 200seeds)

40-50grams (8 – 10sachets) for a plot

Each 5 grams gives 4bags of cukes (25kg) bags and each bag is about N4000 to N4500

Total possible income from 5 grams of seed will be N16,000

On a plot 8 sachets of 5 grams is (200 seeds) is planted to give N16,000 x 8 = N128,000

For an hectare (15plots) = N1,920,000

Expenses incurred for a plot is about N23,500

Profit from 1 plot is 128,000 – 23,500 = 104,500



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