With 30,000 snails, one can produce hundreds of eggs and when hatched 1,000,000 snails, which worth more than N5 million twice a year. So one can make money from both the eggs when they hatch and the appreciation of the size of the snails.

If your startup capital is #100,000 for example, you can generate the sun of #1,000, 000 in one year. Some people in other livestock may earn another #100,000, if they met no risk in a year.

If a grower begins a snail farm with say 50 snails, it can produce averagely up to 250,000 adult snails worth over #500,000 in a year

For example, matured raw snail in-shell cost N 500 to N 600 per one while the same size of the processed snail cost N 600 to N 700 per snail respectively.


Direct material cost form per item/1 batch of matured land snails

1 2 3 4
Breeds of snails 10/breed 300 3000
Plastic aquarium 450 40 18000
Manual water sprinkler 680 50 34000
Sponge or rag 150 14 2100
Pebbles holes 450 55 24750
Cactus flowerpot 700 54 37800
Humus rich soil 450/kg 85kg 38250
Ashtray or small plastic box 380 18 6840
TOTAL      164,740


Total cost=Direct Material Costs + Direct Labour Costs + Indirect Costs   = N164740 + N 50300 + N 25447.7

Total costs = N 240487.7

Hence N 240487.7 is required to start the snail farm business. Although the sum of N 250,000 was required so that the balance of N9512.3 will serve as back up capital in bank in case of any emergency. Note: Cash at the end of the year = total cash in – total cash out   = N 804487.7 – N 298540 = N 505947.7

Hence, the first years estimate sales and net profit is N 505947.7 for year 1.


  • Special feasibility study report on snail farming in Bori, Rivers state, Nigeria by Solomon, Leera 2013

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